Our new menu is live! All of our faves are there plus a few requests including the new “Pork Barrel” which is our take on a meat lovers pizza: red sauce, provorella, Roni Cups, chorizo, pancetta, oregano.
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Pepperoni, basil, & parm heaven. Open til 10p!

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CONTEST TIME! We need your help naming our newest pizza! Here’s what’s on it: fresh mozz, Korean-style bbq beef, white onions, green onions, sesame seeds, Lao Gan Ma (spicy chili sauce), and TWO sunny eggs...It’s spicier than the Southside but definitely not slap yo’ mama kinda hot! Pairs great with 805 Cerveza! Name this pie & tag a friend you’d crush it with and if your name is chosen you’ll get this and two of your favorite beverages... plus be the FIRST to enjoy it!
Planting material is here!!! New beer and wine garden coming at you soon!!! Open today 4p-10p!
Catered our first wedding of the season yesterday and you could feel the love in the air! This was our “test” pizza to make sure our little trailer oven was firing perfectly! What do you think? Open til 10p! See you soon!